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Fundraising at Christ Church

The West Window at Christ Church
(Please click on image to enlarge
©Graham Patrick, 2013)

Windows Update
The West End windows are back and the scaffolding is down. Thank you to all involved.

Windows in the News
Please follow the links below to articles about the Be a Pane Project in the news.
Re-installation of West End Window (news article)
Re-installation of West End Window (video)
Restoration of Stained Glass (Network Norwich)
Removal of West End Window (news article and video)

January 2014: £65,000 - Target Reached!
Thank you to all who have supported this campaign.

Our fundraising campaign, which was officially launched on 31 March 2013, is Be a Pane! We hope we will raise £65,000 to repair our beautiful stained glass windows. Further information about the campaign can be found further down this page. Further information about the West Window may be found here.

(But you can use the information on this page and on our Giving page to support our church in general - just remember to tell us where you want your money to go).

There are a number of ways you can help to make Be a Pane! a success. All gifts are appreciated - though we prefer tax-efficient ones because your generous donation gets topped up by government Gift Aid (which adds 25p to every £1 given).

If you wish to donate to Christ Church online please Click Here
(MyDonate reclaim your Gift Aid in full and send it to us)

Cheques or cash should be sent / handed to one of:
bullet The Parish Office, 41 Church Lane, Eaton, Norwich, NR4 6NW
bullet John Brydon, 8 Daniels Road, Norwich, NR4 6QZ
bullet Our Vicar - Patrick Richmond
bullet One of our Churchwardens - Ruth Vaughan or David Scott

Cheques should be made payable to Eaton Christ Church.
Please don't send cash by post.
Please mark your envelope with your 'giftwish' - eg Restoration of Windows and include a completed Gift Aid form. (Please Click Here for a form).


Be a Pane!

I find it hard to believe, but someone at sometime might have actually called you a bit of a "pain" or "a pain in the neck".

Well this is your chance to prove them totally RIGHT!

Yes you can be a real "pane" not just now and again, BUT FOR ALL TIME!

The windows at Christ Church Eaton Norwich are in need of major work and this is particularly true of the West Window pictured above. Lead, which is used extensively to support the glass, lasts about 90 years. Some of our windows are over 130 years old and are now buckling. So we need to urgently do some extensive repairs.

As part of our fund raising efforts to restore the windows, we are offering areas of our magnificent stained glass windows for sponsorship.

The windows have been divided into sections. Each section has a target value attached to it and when all the sections are totalled, the sum raised will go a long way to provide the £65,000 required to complete the repair work to all the windows in the church.

Once the work is complete, each sponsor will receive a certificate with a photograph of their section, a description of its meaning and the name of the sponsor. A book will also be produced with a copy of all the certificates, include the names of everyone who donated to the appeal. So, from then on, you could be named as a real pane in our church!

With such a large amount of money to raise, these sections will not be cheap. But if you only have a few pounds to spare, you can still sponsor a pane. The panes in the windows in the north and south aisles can be sponsored for only a £1 each. So even your children can sponsor a pane and become "real panes", not that they ever are of course!

So please go to Christ Church from Easter Day onwards, pick out your section and make your donation. All donations will be acknowledged. Thank you.